Windows Tool to check for Meltdown and Spectre patches

  • Chris Hecht
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    Steve Gibson at Gibson Research has written a free software tool ‘InSpectre’ that allows you to check on the condition of your Windows computer for vulnerability to the Meltdown and Spectre flaws. It is a very small, stand-alone program (does not need to be installed). Download it from the Gibson Research web site here. Unfortunately, if you use Internet Explorer or Edge browsers with SmartScreen turned on, you will be blocked as the original version of InSpectre allowed you to change a registry key that SmartScreen thinks it should not allow. So, either click on the ‘continue to web site’ link or use a different browser.

    Once you have downloaded the program, run it and it will present you with a small new window with information on your computer’s vulnerability to the two flaws. You can copy the program to other Windows computers to check them. Since Steve continues to update the program, I am not including it here. Please download it only from the Gibson Research web site as it is possible for someone to modify/replace the program with malware.

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