i need a help in the Power Hub system for solar panel

  • etienne ONdoa
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    in fact this Hub come with 2 connector of battery and now i need to put the 2 battery in parallel to have 12v/200A but how can i do it please i need your answer quickly

  • ken
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    To connect in parallel you need to connect the positive of one battery to the positive of the second battery and then to the positive connection on your controller. Then do the same for the negative posts on the two batteries and connect the negative to the controller.

  • Paul Zee
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    It is best to use identical batteries and charge each one to a full charge before connecting them together. It will help them to stay in balance so one does not wear out faster than the other if you connect the negative wire to one battery and the positive to the other as shown in the diagram linked below.

    Parallel Connection Diagram

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