Monitor your UPS batteries cheaply!

  • Paul Zee
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    A lot of you are responsible for inverter or UPS systems (or Solar) which require large battery banks to keep them going. We build a battery monitoring system called a “PiJack” that will let you see how your batteries are doing on a daily and yearly basis; identifying problems that might ruin them. With it you can know:

    • Is one of my batteries weaker than the others?
    • Will I need to replace the batteries soon?
    • Did somebody plug in a device that’s overloading the system?
    • Are the batteries reaching full charge like they should?

    The PiJack is designed to work with poor internet connections or no internet at all and help you, the technician, know when there are problems you need to fix and maximize the life of your expensive batteries.

    To find out more about it, read our July Newsletter:
    Power Systems Newsletter #1 July 2018

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