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  • etienne ONdoa
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    i need another help in the power systemfor solar panel.
    i need to reinstall two solar panel that were not install by me . in fact because of change the office the community had disconnect all the solar panel kit. know i need to reinstall that. but when i check the hub whose is connected with two batteries show the in the statut Green led. but when i switch on the to have a 230v the power hub show me two led: Green and Red
    what hapen. for me i think that it is the batteries whose are very poor.
    please help me i need to install that tomorow morning

  • ken
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    If you have lead acid batteries, check the liquid levels to be sure they are all above the plates in each cell. If any are low, top them off with distilled water.

    If lead acid batteries, the second thing to check is the acid strength. You need a hygrometer to do this. They are inexpensive and often just called a battery acid checker or similar. The inexpensive ones often just have a tube with coloured balls that float. Better quality ones have a gauge inside the bulb. You check each cell in the battery and look for one cell that is not as strong as the others, if you find one, your battery is bad. It is best to test when the battery is fully charged and then check a few hours later.

    If you do not have a tester then take the batteries to a battery charger shop and have them test them.

    Kenneth Klay

  • Paul Zee
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    See this chart to interpret the LEDs on the SureSine inverter.

    You did not indicate which LED was Red. Probably the Red Status LED was indicating the battery had run down to the Low Voltage Disconnect at about 12.0V. You should be able to let the battery charge for an hour or two and the lights should both turn green.

    If a Lead-acid battery is left sitting without charging for more than 3 months it will self-discharge to a low voltage. This can damage the battery permanently, so that battery probably will need replacing very soon. See what Kenneth wrote about the acid level and testing if your batteries are the flooded type. I think maybe the system you’re using has sealed AGM batteries, so you can’t do anything with those.

    Use your multimeter to verify the polarity of the solar panel is correct when you connect it to the Power Hub input connectors. The red wires should connect to the positive side of the solar panel.

    Paul Z

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