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    Wasta Linux includes the KMFL program already installed. For new users, here is how you set up a custom keyboard file.
    First, you need to have your keyboard file in .kmn format, this is the Keyman uncompiled version. If you have designed your keyboard with Keyman Developer, you should be able to find the .kmn file version of your keyboard.
    If you do not have a .kmn version of your keyboard, it is fairly easy to create one. Here is a sample, that would insert ɗ (lower case hooked d) when you press [ and Ɗ when you press {. Press semicolon followed by [ or { to get [ or { rather than a hook d.

    store(&Name) "Demgal Amin"
    store(&Message) "Demgal Amin"
    HOTKEY "^%U"
    VERSION 6.0
    begin Unicode > use(Main)
    group(Main) using keys
    + "[" > U+0257
    + "{" > U+018a
    ";" + "[" > "["
    ";" + "{" > "{"

    To install a .kmn file, you need to save it to the .kmfl folder inside your Home folder.
    Step by step:
    1. Go to your Home folder in the file viewer. Make sure Show hidden files is checked in the View menu.

    If there is not a folder called .kmfl, create it. (Go to File, Create New folder, name it .kmfl (including the period at the beginning).

    Copy or save your .kmn file into this folder.

    Now, log out and log back in, or restart your computer. You should now be able to add this keyboard to your keyboard list.
    Right click on the En at the lower right of your screen. (If your default keyboard is not English, you will see a different abbreviation rather than EN). Choose Preferences.

    In the Ibus preferences dialog, go to the Input tab, and click Add.

    In the Select Input dialog, click the three dots at the bottom.

    Go to the very end of the list, and click Other.

    You should see your keyboard in the list. Select it and click Add.

    Once added, you should now be able to click the keyboard abbreviation and select between your keyboards.

    If you would like to make a custom icon for your keyboard, you can create a folder called icons inside the .kmfl folder, make an image file 16 pixels by 16 pixels and save it to that folder, then add a line like this to your .kmn file specifying the name of your image file:
    store(&BITMAP) ‘demgal.png’

    This can be especially helpful if you have more than one keyboard — the default icon is the same for any KMN keyboard you install, so you cannot tell from the icon which keyboard is currently active.

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