Distributing SAB-generated app outside the Mac App Store

  • Bayar Garam
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    This is my first time trying to produce an App. With your help, I have somehow succeeded producing the .ipa file and are testing it via DeployGate. Now I want to make our SAB-generated app available from our website due to its size being over 100MB. I’m running into several questions/problems.
    1. I would really appreciate a clear instruction how to go about this when using SAB.
    2. SAB generates .ipa file. How do you generate .app file for users?
    3. How much of the ‘Distributing Apps Outside the Mac App Store’ instruction from Apple should I be following? I understand that the Apple instruction is for using Xcode.
    4. SAB is not able to find my Developer ID Installer certificate. It is visible in my Keychain. Other certificates have been found by SAB. I’m trying my best to follow all the instructions.

    Thanks for your patience with me.

  • Chris Hubbard
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    An .ipa file is an iOS app and has to be distributed through the iOS App Store. SAB currently doesn’t generate Mac apps. SAB only looks for “iPhone Developer” or “iPhone Distribution” certificates.

    The document “Distributing Apps Outside the Mac App Store” is describing how to distribute Mac Apps (like SAB itself) outside the Mac App Store not iOS App Store.


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