How to synchronize chapters with introductory material

  • lmrose
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    Chap 1 of each book in my collection starts with introductory material that is not part of the recording. How do I get SAB to ignore this text material and synchronize only the Scripture text with the audio?

  • Richard
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    Introductory material, marked with \i.. markers, is normally displayed on the Introduction page of a book (swipe left from chapter 1) – rather than on the chapter 1 page. Please make sure the markers are following the USFM standards (

    If all looks ok, please send a sample book file to our support volunteers to see if they can spot what is causing the problem.

  • jala_mye
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    I have a similar issue, but mine is in RAB, and it is back matter instead of front matter. It seems that RAB automatically marks all my material with \m and I can’t figure out how to change that. I have a lot of short books to do, so I’m hoping to find a solution that is not too involved.

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