pause in audio when SAB turns the page in a story book

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    I am trying to put OT scripture portions into an app for use as Discovery Bible Stories that I can put on the play store. I have put the first few OT stories in. I made timing files so that the pages turn in time with the audio. There is no text on the pages, just pictures. This works quite well.

    Unfortunately, however, when the page turns in the app there is a pause in the audio. If there is just a recorded voice that pause isn’t too distracting, but my OT portions have music mixed in and so each page turns means the underlying music stops suddenly and it sounds really disjointed.

    I’m pretty sure I don’t have any recorded tracks from the OT stories in our language that are voice only without music.

    So my question is, is there a way for the app to continue the audio without pausing when it turns pages of a story book?

    Thanks for letting me know.


  • jala_mye
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    Dear Mark,
    If you can figure out a way to contact the person/group who made the audio recordings for the OT portions, you could ask them to give you a set of recordings without music. I am guessing the music was not recorded live at the same time that the people who did the speaking parts were recording the text, right? They had to put the music track and the words track together afterwards. So theoretically they could give you a file without background music.
    I don’t know who did the recordings for you, so I don’t know what their policy is about this, but it would be worth asking.
    I’m sorry I don’t know about how to correct the pause. I would guess that phones with different speeds of processors would pause for longer or shorter times. So a phone with a slower processor would pause longer than a newer, more expensive phone with a faster processor. But of course you want it to work okay for everybody.
    I hope you are able to get it working soon.

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