Problems with audio clips

  • David Lowry
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    I am trying to use the ‘audio clips’ feature, and I am having all sorts of problems. The feature basically works, but I am running in to all kinds of glitches. These include:

    – If I tap on a word highlighted for an audio clip without first pausing the scripture audio, the highlighting automatically returns to the start of the chapter and starts highlighting its way through the text again.
    – If I press ‘play’ while an audio clip is playing, then the scripture text will start playing again at the same time as the clip. It seems very easy for the unwary to end up with two or more voices speaking over each other.
    – There doesn’t seem to be any obvious way of stopping the audio clip part way through without the app also doing something else (e.g. I can press the ‘skip forward’ or ‘skip backward’ buttons, which have the effect of stopping the audio clip, but also switch to a different chapter).
    – After an audio clip has finished, the app insists on going back to the start of the current chapter. I have to manually return to the bit I was listening to before I played the clip.

    Have I got it set up wrong? Any advice gratefully appreciated!

    Many thanks,

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