Problems with audio in external folder


  • glossy1
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    I can’t get SAB to recognize audio files that aren’t built into the app. At this point, I just want it to look at a local folder. Here’s my process:

    1. Go to audio and click “Add Audio Source…”
    2. Say the folder name is “SABaudio”
    3. I create that folder on the SD card (paying attention to case-sensitivity)
    4. I create a simple folder structure like this:

    5. The files in those folders are named GEN_001.mp3 through GEN_050.mp3; EXO_001.mp3 through EXO_040.mp3, etc

    When I launch the app, it doesn’t show the audio icon. The “Building Apps” PDF isn’t all that helpful… it basically says you can use whatever structure you want. A little more guidance than “the app should find them” would be nice for troubleshooting purposes, for when the app doesn’t find them.

  • Odysius Temara
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    You still have to add those audio files into your project in SAB. After that, you need to specify the source of the files in Audio Files tab in Audio section.

    1. Go to Audio –> Audio Files and click “Add Audio Files…”
    2. All files you added should be listed. Then, you need to block the files per book, Let’s say: GEN_001.mp3 to GEN_050.mp3, then right click and choose “Change Audio Source…”
    3. Select the desired source –> OK.
    4. Repeat for the rest of the books.

  • glossy1
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    Thank you. I did eventually figure it out on my own but didn’t get around to posting the follow-up on here. The thing that confused me was that I assumed adding them in that way would put them into the app itself. In frustration I just tried it anyway and saw that it did not. Now I think I have a complete understanding about the audio… first from the app, then the folder, then online.

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