trouble with Scripture cross-reference hyperlinks

  • Colin Suggett
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    I am having difficulty with getting my scripture cross-reference hyperlinks to work as expected in my app.

    For example, my 1st glossary entry is about Abel. I have the following cross-references in that entry: \xt Mãtiyew 23.35~; Lukaw 11.51~; Hebruba 11.4~; 12.24\xt*

    Paratext indicates that these cross-references are following the correct syntax for my project with the correct names for my project (short names). But the app results in no markup whatsoever for the material enclosed by \xt \xt*, and there is no hyperlink action in my app.

    Strangely, incorrect references with no markup are working, e.g. “Matthieu 4.19”

    Not only is “Matthieu 4.19” not marked with \xt \xt*, but “Matthieu” is the French name for Matthew, and our short name is “Mãtiyew”.

    Cross-referencing in my footnotes is also not working as expected. I have a reference to Genesis in the Gospel of Matthew 10.15 as follows:

    \fr 10.15 \ft Ne \xt Cuu Dulli (Genèse) 18–19\xt*.\f*

    Again, Paratext says this is following the correct syntax for our project with “Cuu Dulli (Genèse)” listed as our short name for Genesis. The app shows “Cuu Dulli (Genèse)” without any marking, and underlines 18–19 with a hyperlink to Matthew 18-19, rather than Genesis 18-19.

    Given that Paratext indicates that I am following the correct syntax, it would appear that SAB is not working as expected here.

  • Neil Zubot
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    Hi Colin,

    I don’t know Paratext very well. I have built an app with cross-references and they work perfectly.

    Here are a few examples how references are displayed in the source text of my app:

    In Matt. 4:13
    \x – \xo 4:13 \xt Jon 2:12\x*

    In Matt. 4:20
    \x – \xo 4:20, 22 \xt 8:21-22\x* (cross ref. to Matt. 8:21-22)

    In Matt. 4:2
    \x – \xo 4:2 \xt Ksm 34:28; Mat 6:16-17\x*

    In terms of SAB automatically putting a hyperlink on Matthieu 4.19 … SAB is programmed to look for this. Do you possibly have French as your interface language? Maybe that is why it is finding the French word for Matthew. Not sure why it would find 4.9 … 4:9 is understandable.

    • Colin Suggett
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      Thanks, Neil, for taking the time to respond to my query. Unfortunately, I’m still stuck.

      I think there must be a bug in the SAB, so, I’ll wait for the developers to respond. Paratext thinks the syntax of my cross-references is correct. So, there must be something going on with SAB which is not working.

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