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    [Originally posted May 25, 2016] I have been running Windows 10 since it was released at the end of July last year, and I agree with many of the pundits who say that this is Microsoft’s best OS yet. They found the right balance between the desktop power of Windows 7 and touch features of Windows 8. I use a convertible ThinkPad Yoga connected to a docking station with two external screens, so it is really nice to have an OS that works well in both environments.
    However, there is one major problem that I have with Windows 10…data consumption. For many people in western countries who pay a flat rate for a fast connection this is not a big problem, but for the rest of the world it becomes a primary concern. I live and work in Ghana and we pay per MB for data, which is known as a metered connection.

    Last month I led a session at IT Connect/ICCM-Africa on support issues with Windows 10 where I partially addressed this issue. In this post I want to take you through some things that you can do to reduce the amount of data that Windows 10 is using. In the first section I will look at basic things that anybody can do, then in the second section we will dig in a bit more to some advanced options. In each case I will give an introduction to the concept and then send you to other pages that have step by step instructions.

    I will warn you that looking at all of this information can seem a bit daunting. Although I am concerned about the amount of data that is being sent to and from your computer with Windows 10, I can actually see some of the reasons that Microsoft does it. I just wish they made it easier to turn off some of these settings, especially for those of us on metered connections.

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