Microsoft support for Office 2007 and Exchange 2007 ending next year

  • Chris Hecht
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    Microsoft support for Office 2007 will end in October 2017. Support for Exchange 2007 will end in April 2017. End of support means that there will be no security updates issued. Both products are already on ‘extended support’ meaning no new features or fixes will be made, only security updates. Full support ended in 2012.

    To upgrade to the newest version of Office, you have a choice of purchasing one of the versions of Office 2016 or subscribing to Office 365 with an annual fee. You will need to check on the prices of each in your locale before deciding which direction to take. Please note that Office 365, like Windows 10, is being continuously updated and may not be a suitable choice for those with limited Internet access. Of course, you could also choose a free alternative such as Libre Office.

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