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    After almost a year using Windows 10, I’d summarize my experience about like I did after upgrading last summer:
    On the good side, no major headaches from conversion.
    On the other side, no major reasons why I’m glad I upgraded. Windows 7 worked well, so does Windows 10.
    I’ll repost my initial experience from last July:

    I took the plunge and did the upgrade on July 29, 2015 so I am now in day 2 of the experience. In brief, I have had no major headaches, but I have not yet had an “I’m glad I upgraded” experience.
    I have seen a few programs that disappeared, but nothing major. Paratext stayed in place, and continues to run. (I have heard one colleague saw his Paratext disappear after the upgrade, I didn’t have that happen).
    One minor thing I dislike: the ability to search for a program by typing a few letters of its name seems to be weaker — when I first upgraded, I could not find the Snipping Tool, until I Googled where to find the .exe file, so I could go to it, right click and pin it to my start menu.
    Another minor headache — I realized today that my computer played no sound — not from the web, nor from music files on my hard drive. I found a newer audio driver file on the Toshiba website, and my sound is back.
    A third minor headache — just now I attempted to edit this blog post in Microsoft Edge, the new web browser that comes with Windows 10. I could click the Edit button, but then I couldn’t get my cursor to appear in the text to type anything. And I couldn’t exit the Edge program either, until I first navigated to another website. So I am typing these last two paragraphs in Chrome.

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