UPDATED: New Windows 10 version 1809 may delete user data during update

  • Chris Hecht
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    The latest version of Windows 10 has been released. The so-called ‘Feature Update 1809’ brings a number of refinements BUT it may delete some user folders during the update. It may permanently delete the ‘Documents’, ‘Pictures’, ‘Videos’ and ‘Download’ (and possibly other) folders. The deleted folders are not recoverable. I have experienced this. Fortunately, I was able to recover the missing folders from backups. As always, backup your computer before you update.

    As of now, I would NOT update to the new version until Microsoft has figured out the problem. Microsoft does acknowledge that it is aware of the issue.

    UPDATE (6 Oct 2018): Microsoft has removed the update from their servers so you can no longer update to the 1809.

    There is also a separate issue with incompatible Intel network drivers. If you do go ahead and update and you receive a pop-up window indicating a problem with the Intel drivers, do NOT proceed. This is a known issue and Microsoft and Intel are working on it.

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