Cisco Wireless Access point WAP4410N Review

  • Marcelo Reimer
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    Finding a good Wireless Access point without buying it yourself and testing it can be difficult. My office has been using Cisco Access points for a few years, the first lot we had were the Aironet 1100 series. this was a very robust AP and worked fine for 4 years, except for a botched firmware update, which i was able to recover from 2 months later. Not having anything but WEP encryption, we were looking for a better AP and found and looked at the Cisco WAP4410N. The reviews were generally positive and the price was not as high as the other Cisco APs we had looked at. I wanted stability above all else, seeing that the Aironet series gave us this stability, i was willing to try these APs out.
    Configuration was nice and easy to do, we don’t need a lot of the features, but setup was not hard to do. We can setup up to 4 SSIDs, allowing for multiple networks to be configured via VLans and bandwidth managed according to which SSID you want to give priority.
    the devices support POE, since we had a POE switch, i decided not to use the supplied power supplies, along with them being 110 volts in a 220 volt country, would have cost quite somewhat to power them. 30$ for a step-down transformer that i would need three of, i preferred the POE switch.
    the only negative thing about these APs was the fact that they get very hot. reviews from quite a few users mentioned this, our climate is very mild, 25 degrees Celsius would be average temperature, with winter months being cooler. we found that after turning off the Wireless N feature and sticking to b and G we were fine.
    If i had another chance at buying APs i would definitely look into getting Ubiquity devices, they are cheaper but very reliable.

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